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Roommate Forum Message

preferably boy, 1 bedroom 1 bath - 1115 wertland street, $1027 

It is two bedroom apartment with two bath and all utilities included such as wifi. Have one boy living there and need another. It would start july 5th 2023 and end 2024. FULL YEAR. It is $1027 per bedroom

May 18, 2023 - kendra - maki


I'm interested!
Jun 21, 2023 - Max Tankersley - 7037440783
Hello, I'm Gyuseok Lee, a visiting researcher for the next six months. I urgently need a place to stay. I'm a non-smoking male AI master's student from South Korea with no pets. Price and proximity to the school shuttle are crucial. I'm financially responsible and committed to agreements. I require lodging from September 15th to March 14th. Your place is vital due to my urgent situation. Looking forward to your response. Thanks
Sep 16, 2023 - GYUSEOK LEE - 5183352754 - kbin6961@gmail.com

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preferably boy, 1 bedroom 1 bath - 1115 wertland street, $1027

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